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Senior Issue 2024
June 5, 2024

MAST Traffic

Traffic in the halls at MAST Academy causes disturbance for many students.
Students crowing in the stairs going to the 4th floor Friday 15th of September.

Students at MAST Academy have been speaking about the increasing traffic that blocks the hallways when switching in between classes, entering or leaving the school.

MAST students have had recurring problems with the lack of movement through the halls when moving through the school’s different buildings. The ramp connecting the school’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ building is constantly full and students are often pushed, shoved and causing them to arrive late to classes.

When exiting the school, students who use public transportation are often seen running out the halls hurriedly to catch the bus. This has also caused incidents where students fall or injure themselves and other students or staff.

“As a new student at MAST academy, the traffic in the halls has been super inconvenient,” freshman Summer Ponce told The Beacon when asked about the traffic. “I’m getting to classes later than I should and everyone is crowded on top of each other. It’s so bad.”

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Aside from the tardiness issue, students have witnessed and felt the physical injuries that occur. Due to everyone being extremely close to each other and people prioritizing their arrival, many end up being trampled and fall down.

MAST academy has two different buildings that students utilize. Most students have classes between the buildings, meaning they may go back and forth multiple times per day.

Despite having ramps and stairs, the transition from buildings can still be a lengthy walk, which can take up to 5 minutes. What does this mean? If students are constantly paralyzed unable to move along, the walk can take even longer, readdressing the tardiness issue. So, what can be done to fix this issue?

When speaking to Vice principal, Mr. Semeraro he states this about the efforts being made on reducing traffic on the halls:

” …To reduce traffic outside of having two more security guards in the morning, we have security on all floors of the school, ” Semeraro says. “. It takes an entire team, we all have to take ownership of this, the security guards the administration but the students too. We have to be cognizant of that and utilize our best practices, no running, no pushing. We’re gonna get there..”

Semeraro added that administration tires to limit as many transitions as possible with our current block schedule. Having only four periods a day as apposed to all seven, there would be six transitions a day.

“All of these factors are being implemented each day to let traffic flow as smoothly as possible.” Semeraro said.

Knowing that most students have to make the trip to the other side of the school, do students believe switching times should be longer?

“I feel like we should be let out of class at certain periods 5 minutes early if we have to go to the other building so we are not late.” says freshman Nyla Haynes when asked about a possible solution for this issue.

This issue is ongoing and can be a disturbance for many. Students and staff continue making their efforts to find solutions and ways around it.

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About the Contributor
Barbara Leon
Barbara Leon, Sports Editor
Bárbara León, a 14-year-old student at MAST Academy in Virginia Key, is taking a journalism course for the first time. She was born in Venezuela but moved to Miami when she was four years old. She lives in Downtown Miami with her mom and stepdad. León speaks Spanish as her first language but also knows English. She recently started attending MAST Academy and enjoys the location and environment. Despite having no prior interest or experience in journalism, she decided to take the course to improve her writing skills and to learn about journalism. León believes she will enjoy the class because she likes writing and covering stories. She is also interested in trying out beach volleyball, as she already plays court volleyball. León loves the beach and enjoys hanging out with friends and visiting beach towns like Naples and Cocoa Beach. Additionally, she is learning Portuguese to communicate with her family and French at school with her favorite teacher, Ms. Jasmin. Overall, León is excited about the new school year and the opportunities it brings. “I look forward to a successful new school year and new experiences” León said.
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